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How to Clean a Wool Carpet?


wool rug cleaning tips

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Everyone, who is choosing a carpet would prefer to get a 100% natural wool carpet. Such a choice is so logical and normal. This is the best carpet when it comes to heating and the most wonderful item when you want to achieve a stylish original and what is more important, luxurious, interior design. But expensive and beautiful carpets are usually those carpets that require more cares proper maintenance and mainly – right cleaning technique. You don`t want to ruin your brand new wool carpet immediately after the purchase, do you? Then, follow our mandatory tips for washing, vacuuming and refreshing!

Basics in wool carpet cleaning

Let`s begin with some basic rules. They are the main things you need to do to clean the wool carpet. If you miss any of them, whatever else you will do afterward will be probably pointless. Here are the basic in wool carpet cleaning we are talking about:

  • Vacuum the wool carpet on a regular basis. As a matter of fact, vacuuming should be your main refreshing procedure to keep the carpet clean and bright.
  • Using too much water is forbidden! Apply liquids only if needed and if you need to remove a stubborn stain.
  • Every time a liquid stain remover can be replaced with a dry cleaning solution choose the dry alternative. Wool carpets are very delicate. The more you humidify them, the worse and more wasted they become.
  • Speaking of stains…Don`t wait for tomorrow or for the afternoon to remove them. Once the spot is done or seen, grab a homemade remedy or the universal commercial cleaner and get rid of it. The older a stain is, the fewer chances the carpet has to survive!

How to deal with stains on a wool carpet?

Still, if a stain occurs, you need to act and we have already said it – act immediately! Below, you can find all the solutions you are allowed to use when you see a spot on your wool carpet:

  • Never use borax in a combination with bleach and ammonia.
  • If possible, better avoid bleach in all cases!
  • The best and most risk-free solution for wool carpet stains is the white vinegar. It is safe and effective. However, if you use distilled vinegar, you might even get better results.
  • Using essential oils for pre-treatment and final refreshment is also a good idea.
  • Don`t underestimate professional cleaners. These services are devoted to delicate materials like 100% natural wool.
  • Pre-treat with ammonia before a harsh stubborn stain removal. Sprinkle the baking soda all over the carpet, let it remain like that for half an hour, vacuum and then handle the stain situation!

If you are ready to invest a lot of time and money for a wool carpet, then have it! But if you are not, better get an easier synthetic alternative!

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