Professional Maintenance Services in London.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How soon after the steam cleaning can I step on and place furniture back on the carpet again?

A: the time for complete drying can vary depending on the material and type of carpet you have, as well as on the weather conditions and air ventilation in the room. On average, it will take about 3 hours for a carpet to completely dry after steam cleaning and water extraction. In well ventilated rooms and in dry and warm weather, it will be quicker. If you choose to opt for the Scotchgard protection, drying can take longer (about 4-5 hours). Upon request, you can order that our team of cleaners brings an air mover system which will dry your carpet very quickly after the deep cleaning.


Q: Does the company provide a 100% guarantee for stain removal from carpets and upholstery?

A: The cleaners are equipped with the latest technologies, solutions, experience and knowledge to treat just about any stain on any type of textile or material, but the Company cannot give a 100% guarantee, because some stains which are very old and stubborn cannot be removed. The guarantees given by the company all depend on the level of staining and the level of dirtiness of the carpet or upholstery.


Q: I am worried about my pet cat which loves to spend time on my nice furry rug, how long will she need to stay away from it after the deep cleaning?

A: All cleaning solutions used by the professional cleaners of the company are perfectly safe for humans, pets and for the environment, so you kitty will be welcome to enjoy the nice clean rug once again as soon as it is completely dry, which should be in up to 3 hours after the cleaning.


Q: I have a big wardrobe on the carpet, will you move it for me before the carpet cleaning?

A: The cleaners can move smaller and lighter furniture, such as chairs and tables, but not big and heavy things. It is advisable, that if you can - you move the furniture off of the carpet prior to the cleaning. If moving it is difficult or impossible, then the cleaning technicians which make sure the furniture isn’t damaged during the cleaning by placing protective covers on it legs or base.


Q: Should I try to remove a brand new stain on my carpet or should I wait for the carpet cleaning team?

A: If there is excess liquid or other spill, then it is a good idea to blot it out with paper towels or a clean cloth. Don’t rub it, or use any stain removal solutions before the team arrives. They will pre-treat it and clean it with the appropriate cleaning solution for your type of carpet.


Q: I am very environmentally aware and am striving toward living a green lifestyle. Is there a possibility to book green carpet cleaning by your company?

A: All of the solutions used for the various cleaning services, for deodorising, protection and stain removal are sustainable and environmentally friendly. The company offers 100% green cleaning.


Q: My daughter has respiratory problems, does she need to leave the house during and after the carpet cleaning?

A: Even though all of the solutions we use are tested and found safe for humans, pets and the environment, as a precaution it is a good idea to arrange for her to be somewhere else because of the dust which can become airborne at the beginning of the cleaning process and just in case.


Q: How should I prepare for the carpet cleaning service?

A: The only thing you need to do is to move the heavier furniture from the carpet if you can. The cleaners will move lighter furniture such as chairs and tables, but cannot move large and heavy furniture items. If it cannot be moved, the cleaners will use special protection for its legs or base, so that it is not damaged during the deep cleaning.


Q: Can I feel safe for my belongings and myself with your cleaners being in my home?

A: All of our cleaners have been carefully selected after some serious checking, including police records. They are all vetted and professional cleaners, so you can be safe. Also, our cleaning services are all insured.


Q: Can you remove the pungent odour of cat urine from my carpet?

A: Yes, during the deep cleaning, the carpet will be thoroughly washed or dry cleaned, and in that process any bacteria will be killed and all residues and odour will be removed as well. There is an option for additional deodorising upon request as well.


Q: Can you offer me other cleaning services at the same time as my carpet cleaning booking?

A: Yes, the company provides a wide array of cleaning services, including: upholstery, mattresses, windows, ovens, one off, end of tenancy and other professional cleaning. It is a great idea to combine cleaning services, because booking more than one service at a time will bring you very serious discounts from the prices.


Q: I have a question which is not on the FAQ list, who should I contact?

A: The cleaning company has a 24/7 customer care service hotline 020 3746 0000 which you can call at any time with any questions regarding the services, prices, promotions and others. You can also do this online via the online form.