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Dear customers, to see more about how satisfies our clients are, check out please, a small part of testimonials we have received for our removal services London! Thomsons Cleaning is happy to announce you that 95% of our feedback on the services we offer is positive. We are also brag about the fact that more than half of our new customers come to us due to a recommendation given by another happy customer.

Reviewed by Celia M. Trussell on Nov 2, 2016

I used the end of tenancy cleaning service, and was extremely happy by the end result and by the fact that my landlord handed back my full deposit without absolutely no comments or complaints. I would definitely use this cleaning service once again - it actually saved me quite a bit of money and a lot of effort!

Reviewed by Jorja Shillito on Sep 15, 2016

My son got a puppy for his 7 birthday and guess what my pretty wool rug looked like before we finally taught this little monster to pee outside! I didn’t have too much expectations for the stains and especially the smell to come out, but the cleaners from Thomsons Cleaning performed some magic, as it seems, and just in a couple of hours the stains and the smell are long gone! I definitely recommend this carpet cleaning service!

Reviewed by Ethan Bishop on Jul 5, 2016

I had been considering getting rid of my wall-to-wall carpeting and replacing it for a long time, because of the stains and the soiled areas. This is when my sister suggested I try the professional cleaning services of Thomsons Cleaning as one last resort, so I did, and I will be eternally thankful! The booking was very quick and easy. The cleaners were all very nice and seemed very experienced. The whole cleaning process took an hour or so, but when the carpet dried out, I was absolutely stunned - it looked bright and vibrant again! Thank you for saving me the money and hassle of replacing a carpet which you brought back to life!

Reviewed by Qian She on Mar 2, 2016

I am pretty busy with my 3-year-old twin boys, so I really appreciated the quick, amazingly professional and efficient cleaning job which the cleaning team provided when I booked their kitchen cleaning service! I almost forgot that they are in my house - this is how non-disruptive they were! In a matter of a few hours my kitchen looked like a photo from a magazine - perfectly clean and shiny! Thank you!

Reviewed by Holly Webb on Jan 11, 2016

True, the carpet cleaning booking I made was for 2 p.m. and the cleaning team arrived at 2:35, but they were so quick, efficient and professional, that they were done for less than 30 minutes with the steam cleaning, plus the stain removal. I am very happy, and definitely will use these cleaning services again!

Reviewed by Lara Stanley on Nov 18, 2015

My 2-year-old son has been suffering from dust allergy-based asthma since birth, and even though we removed all upholstered furniture and carpeting from his room, I make sure that the air there is as clean from dust as possible by periodically using the professional deep mattress and curtain cleaning services of Thomsons Cleaning. I am so happy to see that he is doing very well, and is a happier little child ever since I took these precautions. Thank you Thomsons Cleaning for bringing the smile back to my boy’s face!

Reviewed by Borislav Kirillov on Jul 27, 2015

After my daughter’s 6th birthday party which she spent with 10 of her same-aged friends, my living room looked like it needed a total makeover and renovation. Thanks to the professional and efficient services of Thomsons Cleaning, and their one off cleaning, just 4 hours later the living room looked back to its normal self, and even better than before! I definitely recommend this cleaning company!

Reviewed by Merico Conti on Feb 19, 2015

I was initially worried about showing my horrible oven especially with all the burnt food inside it to the cleaners, but they were so very friendly and nice, that I quickly forgot to be embarrassed by the looks of my oven. I left them for an hour and something, and when I came back I was absolutely stunned by how it looked! I even joked that they had run over to the store and bought a new oven! Very, very impressive work!

Reviewed by Bradley Grant on Oct 20, 2014

I did receive some complaints from the neighbors downstairs about the noise of the carpet cleaning machine, but it doesn’t matter because now my carpet looks as good as the day it was installed! I am so happy with the cleaning, and with the carpet deodorizing which I requested and which has made my living room smell divine!

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