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Morning Motivation In 8 Easy Steps


morning motivation1How many times do you push the snooze button of your phone when your alarm clock rings in the morning? Do you feel like “just five more minutes, please”? Do you get up totally sleepy and with no motivation to work?

If you are not an early bird I’m sure the answer to all these questions is “yes”. I know some people prefer to stay up late in the night and sleep until afternoon on the next day, but if you go to work you can’t afford this lifestyle. Instead of being grumpy you can try making your mornings nice. You just need to find the proper motivation.

So, here are my tested 8 steps for morning motivation.

1. Forget about the snooze button

The snooze button is not a friend, but a foe. It’s not helping you get any extra sleep, according to Gizmodo. Falling asleep right after waking up is not good for the brain actually. So, when you get five more minutes you are just lying to yourself that you are winning extra sleep. Choose a pleasant ring tone and get up with the alarm clock of your phone.


2. Take a shower

A warm shower in the morning will make you feel fresh and energetic. It will give you tone for the whole day. I prefer to take a shower right after I wake up. After five minutes in the bathroom, I feel ready for all the challenges that the day may offer me.

take a shower

‘The Shower’ – 1949 Robert Doisneau

3. Work out

Don’t be lazy. A few exercises in the morning will give you tone and strength. You don’t have to go to the gum. You can make some exercises at home or run in the park. Just move your body.

work out

4. Coffee, please!

One of my little morning rituals is drinking a cup of coffee, of course. You can have it at home, on your way to work or in the office. I recommend that you wake up 10 minutes earlier and drink a cup of coffee at home. Don’t hurry. Take a few minutes and enjoy it.

coffee love

 5. Don’t skip the breakfast

I’m sure that many of you skip the breakfast, but it’s actually the most important meal of the day. Don’t wait until lunch to have a bite. Have a nice breakfast. My favourite morning meals are a croissant or muesli. The first one is a guilty pleasure and the second is a healthy meal that will give you power to deal with any working tasks.


6. Outfit matters

When I look good and I’m dressed well my day is wonderful from the morning until the evening. So, choose your outfit carefully. If you have business dates follow the dress code. If you are going to be in the office all day long you can choose a casual and comfortable outfit. Let me share you my trick – I have a pair of high heels in my office, so I can turn every casual outfit into formal. Keep in mind that a nice dress is going to make you feel pretty and confident all day long.


7. Walk to work (or ride a bike)

If your home is not far from your office try to walk to work in the morning. A quick walk is much more pleasant than travelling in a crowded subway. Switch on your head phones and play some positive motivating music on your way to work. Another option is to ride a bike to your office.

ride a bike

 8. Mark your daily goals

When you arrive at work spend a few minutes planning your daily tasks. Write them down so that you don’t forget anything. Then, start dealing with your responsibilities. Don’t spend hours stalking your friends in Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. Social medias will distract you and at 5 o’clock in the afternoon you will find out that you haven’t done anything that day, so you will have much more work to do tomorrow. Stay focused and motivated.


If you find this article useful, don’t be selfish – share it with your friends! Do you have any other tricks or tips for morning motivation?

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