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How to Clean Mud Stains out of Your Carpet?


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It is never enough to establish a shoe-off rule at home to protect your carpet from stains, mostly from mud, dirt, and soil. Kids are playing outside and when they rush to home, they are too hungry or tired to remove the shoes. So dirt is all around us and even we, the adults, sometimes, bring the soil or mud inside our homes right after dethatching the lawn, having a walk in the park, with the dog, and etc. This is how carpets become extremely dirty and stains seem to be endless! But it does not matter because we have a solution for any soil, mud or dirt stain on your carpet! And we will share you all the tricks you need to know!

How to remove a soil stain out of your carpet in few simple steps?

There`s nothing difficult or harsh in cleaning a mud stain on a carpet. Below, we will show you how to treat and get rid of it fast and simply:

  • Vanish cleaner is a good alternative for pre-treatment. Soak the affected zone with some cool water and then, continue with the real cleaning. Rinse the Vanish product and get a sponge plus soapy water.
  • Start rubbing till the soil is out and dry carefully.
  • Soil can bring a lot of bacteria, so adding some disinfecting product, in the end, is not a bad idea.

See how to remove old dirt stains out of the carpet

When dirt stains become old and stubborn, it is harsher to deal with them. But not impossible! To recover your carpet from the grime, do the following procedure:

  • Sprinkle some baking soda for pre-treatment
  • Wait for an hour and then vacuum it off. The cleaner will vacuum part of the dirt, too!
  • Go on with the homemade universal cleanser preparation. Add lemon juice and white vinegar (1:1) to a bowl of cool to lukewarm water.
  • With a sponge or brush start washing!
  • Rinse and freshen up with bad odor remover!

Additional tips on mud stain removal of a carpet

Here are the best tips we could find from the hygiene experts` blogs as to mud stains:

  • Always pre-treat the old mud stains on a carpet!
  • When using a commercial detergent – including all stain removers, test them at first, and then use it in the affected zone
  • Cutting a lemon in half and using the inner part for a cleaner is a fantastic idea even when it comes to stubborn mud stains!
  • A smart housekeeper knows that a carpet mat is the best protection against mud stains on high traffic areas with carpets. Also, using Scotchgard protector is a fantastic idea to prevent deep stains.
  • Do not forget that mud includes thousands of tiny bacteria and you need to deal with them, too! This is why disinfection is so important!

Good luck with the stains, guys! Save your carpet today!

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