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How I Moved My Shoes To My Boyfriend’s Home


High heelsWhen my boyfriend (now husband) asked me to move to his place I was very happy. The only problem was… how to take all my shoes with me.

Remember when Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the city decided to arrange all of her shoes in order not to call Mr. Big? It took her a day. Finally, she called him, but that’s another story.

I didn’t need a whole day to move my shoes. The problem here was my boyfriend lived in a studio big enough to be a home to all Carries shoes, but not enough for all my shoes, his huge TV, computer, PlayStation and sound system to co-exist.

So I faced the dilemma: to stay in my place alone with my precious shoes or to leave them I move to my new home.

Neither of them. As a modern woman I decided I can have it all. I just need an action plan. Girls, if you want to save your relationship and your shoes, I’m sharing it with you.

First let’s see what we’ve got.


Woow, high, heels… high high heels. Too bad I can not walk on them.


And this pair of flower sneakers for a teenager


So, I reduced some pairs of the shoes.


And what about the others? I have saved all the boxes from my shoes. (Clever girl I am.)

shoes boxes

So, I can put them on the top of the wardrobe…

shoes boxes

… or under the bed.

That’s also a good idea to spare some place.

shoes in the wardrobe

Do you wanna now how the story ended. All the shoes I really needed came with me in my new home. Others found new homes too (hope they’re happy).

And what about my boyfriend? We’re living happily ever after – me, him and the shoes.

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