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Take A Minute And Read: The Most Powerful #YesAllWomen Tweets


Women-ViolenceUsually in this blog I write about “women’s stuff” like cooking, cleaning, home decorating and fashion. But this post is going to be on a different, serious topic. I’m going to write about a big “women’s problem” – violence against women and sexual harassment. Because, as a woman, I can not stay passive after this huge tragedy happened 2 days ago…

I’m pretty sure you’ve seen the hashtag #YesaAllWomen. If you don’t know what it’s about, I’m going to tell you. The hashtag is a powerful reaction of a mass murder that happened in Santa Barbara, California, on Saturday. A 22-years old boy, named Elliot Rodger, killed 6 people and injured 7 more. After that he killed himself. The reason why he did this is because he felt neglected by women. No one wanted to date him and he was a virgin. In a video he played a few days before the crime, he explained how awesome he is and he couldn’t understand why women don’t want to date him.

In the video he said: “I feel so invisible as I walk through my college. Your revealing shorts, your cascading blonde hair, your pretty faces. I want one for a girlfriend… I am polite. I am the ultimate gentleman. And yet, you girls never give me a chance. I don’t know why.” and also: “For the last eight years of my life, since I hit puberty, I’ve been forced to endure an existence of loneliness, rejection and unfulfilled desires, all because girls have never been attracted to me. Girls gave their affection and sex and love to other men, never to me.”

See one of his videos on YouTube:

Rogder felt miserable because women rejected him, that’s obvious. But that’s not a reason to blame girls that didn’t date him about the mass murder. Every girl has the right to choose the man she wants to date and to say “no” to everyone she doesn’t feel attracted to.

So, #YesAllWomen is a reaction on Twitter of all the people that blame the women that didn’t want to date Rodger for the terrible crime he committed. Actually, the tweets are going further. In posts with this hashtag women around the world are saying “no” to any kind of violence against them and prejudices that hold them down. Some of them are telling about their personal experience – domestic violence, sexual harassment and so on. The hashtag is a women’s rebellion against all the stereotypes.

As an answer some men started posting with the hashtag #notallmen – they are telling that not all men are treating women badly and there are still gentlemen.

So, here are the most powerful #YesAllWomen tweets. Some of them are written by men!


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