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How to Clean Your Carpet from Dust Mites?


dust mites cleaning tips and suggestions

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Dust mites are tiny pests that can really ruin your life. They are so tiny that you cannot see them. Being invisible makes it easier for them to hide all around your home. This is how they threaten your health every single day and night. Those people, who have an allergy to dust and dust mites can cause themselves really huge problems and those, who haven’t, eventually will get it in case they begin living with dust mites. Dust mites, as their name says it, really love dust. So the dustier your house is, the bigger the risk of having them becomes. And when it comes to choosing a location to live happily and ever, dust mites will always prefer the carpet…

How to deal with the dust mites from your carpet?

You might now feel desperate about the dust mites but stop worrying. There are dozens of ways to remove them once and for all. You can always call for pest control. It will take them less than a day to end this nightmare.

However, it is also possible for you to protect your healthy living space from the chemical detergents and to remove the dust mites from your carpet on your own. We have a great natural strategy for you. Follow these steps and get rid of the dust mites greenly!

  • Clean the house – we mean fully, so the dust can be reduced to a minimum.
  • Make sure you have sanitized the floor – especially if it is concrete and your carpet is woolen. This combination is a real heaven for dust mites.
  • Dust mites are also “in love” with humidity. If your region is wet, it is a good idea to invest in air purifier and humidifier to protect your home and to chase the dust mites away.
  • Now, step forward to continue with the carpet treatment, itself. It`s the main task you have. Note that if you use the vacuum cleaner, the dust mites will not go away. This is good only for protection. On the other side, using steam machine will guarantee you fast and simple dust mites elimination.
  • Of course, some of us cannot afford to buy a steamer, so you can instead, hire it!

How to prepare a natural solution for dust mites with home supplies?

It is also possible for you to remove the dust mites naturally, with a good green solution. Below, you will find, though, not a single, but two good and Eco-friendly ideas for killing the dust mites in your home.

  • Tannic acid. You can find this solution in the health food store or in the drug store. This is a very good solution not only for dust mites but for pests in general. Just sprinkle it all over the carpet and hoover it back in half an hour. The solution is also good for allergen prevention.
  • Homemade remedy for dust mites: add a cup of tea (green, white, cinnamon and whatever you can think off, but not black or pearl gray) to 1 liter of water. Apply the mixture on the carpet by spraying. Vacuum off in 3-4 hours.
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