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8 Express Hairstyles for Busy Moms


Who spends an hour in the morning getting their hair done? Being a full-time mom of two incredible children, I hardly ever find that time to prepare for the day.

Since I’m a mother and a housewife, I stop in front of the mirror just when I need to clean it up! Oh, and of course, around it to clean up all the mess after doing my make-up and hairstyle in the morning. And I have to admit – it’s getting more and more serious. Especially during springtime, my hair starts to fall off and I can’t seem to stop it.

Recently, I shared my issues with my best friend and she told me to calm down. She gave me a precious advice when looking for help to clean up my home. The secrets she shared with me totally changed my approach to fixing and growing my hair thicker to keeping my home looking good. The morning madness now seems a lot easier to go through.

Here are the 8 Express Hairstyles I use on my way to perfect hair:

The Fancy French Braid

french braid

You can easily find thousand of tutorials of how to do different types of French Braids on your hair.

At first, it might look like the mission impossible, but, trust me, you will get better at it. French Braids draw immediate attention to you and even when you haven’t washed you hair for a couple of days, you still appear to have a pretty hairstyle. It will take you up to 5 minutes, depending on the type of braid you decide to fix.

All other busy moms are going to be jealous of your look. Get ready to answer their questions about when you find the time for yourself!

The Stylish Half-Up


You will need to use my favourite bobby pins to fix that hairstyle. This one looks really good with a formal dress and a high heels. You just have to get the top layer of your hair, fold it on one side and pin it with the bobby pins to stay still.

The Plain Ponytail

plain ponytail

Did you master the very last hair method, I told you about? Well, you better do because it’s going to help you a lot with this one. Take the top layer of your hair again, flip it on one side and put as many bobby pins as you need to get to the end of the ponytail.

The Classic Casual Bun

casual bun

This one is probably going to become your all-time-favourite. You will simply need an elastic hairband in a colour of your choice. Take all your hair in pull it through the band. Then once again, but this time do it only to the half of it. Pull your bun under the elastic hairband and then put some bobby pins to make it look fancy and casual.

The Braided Bun

braided bun

Making the Braided Bun is going to make you feel stylish and sophisticated, which is a step ahead of the look achieved by the classic casual bun. Let’s say you already have the skills to make a good-looking French braid. To manage to do a Braided Bun, you need to French braid all of your hair to the bottom line and tie it up.

Don’t worry if at the beggining it looks a bit messy. Once you get the technique to braid it, it’s going to be as easy as a brushing your teeth.

The Royal Braided Crown

braided crown

Who said we will never be royal? I’m just kidding, I love this song, and everytime I’m singing it, the Royal Braided Crown shows up in my mind. At the last three weddings I attended, this particular hairstyle was a total triumph! I get asked about how I make it by almost everyone and that makes me think I do it right! The surprising thing is that it’s really simple to make and keep up.

The Easy Bohemian Twist


This one is my daughter’s favourite!

All the kids in her kindergarden everyday compliment her about it. Make sure you wash you hair before making it and if you want, you can add some volume to it. Divide your hair into two sections and twist them up. Then get some more hair and twist it up as well. Go on with making french twisting, until you reach the end of your hair. Then just put an elastic band over it. You might need to use a bobby pin at the beginning of the regular twist. Voilà!

Princess Jasmine Braid

jasmine braid

I’ve come up to the Princess Jasmine Braid during my last trip to Paris on Valentine’s Day. You literally need just around 30 seconds to make it. The technique you need to apply here is to tease your hair and put some hairspray on it before tying it with a band. You can use as many elastic bands on your braid as you find it suitable. After that just pull a bit of the hair between each two sections out. And now you’re the princess on the castle! Rise and shine!

Have you tried one of these easy but fancy hairstyles in your daily routine? Let me know how you did at French braiding! Photos are also much appreciated!


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