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6 Strategies to Have a Neat and Tidy Workplace


How much time do you devote to manage and organize your workspace? As all of you can picture, as a freelancer and housewife, I spend a decent period of time at my home office desk. While I’m running a blog, it’s essential for my workspace to motivate me.

No matter if you work from 9am till 5pm or you have a hard time preparing for a test during midterms, to bring and keep a well-organised workplace culture will guarantee your actual creative thinking and overall efficiency. In addition, a sloppy workspace won’t bring you any success or help you get the promotion you’ve worked for. Why not try these much-loved magic ideas to redesign your workspace?

1. Clean up the mess once a week

office mess

Don’t leave it over next spring to get your desk cleaned. To maintain the workspace neat and clean year-round, commit a bit of your time each Monday tossing and arranging the useless paperwork and storing detached home office supplies the place where they you need to be.

2. Get workplace storage solutions

desk storage

Home office desk storage is really essential, yet it doesn’t need to become a scene from a horror movie. From file drawers to bookshelves, try to find items with both style and functionality to boost your inspiration and creativity.

3. Always keep all wires covered

desk cords

Not a single thing could mess up your neat and clean workplace like a tangle of wires. To fasten the wires together, follow Ellen DeGeneres‘ steps: Hook up the wires through a hole drilled in your home desk, and then attach a surge protector to the bottom side of it. Otherwise, if you prefer to take care of your wires without any irreparable changes to your home office furniture, simply apply Velcro strips or zippers to protect them into an arranged set.

4. Choose a lovely stationary design

office accessories

You might say it’s a bit us old school, but I can’t live and breathe without my notepad. If you relate to that, you may want to stick to the precious vintage pens and paper, don’t feel guilty to spend some money on stylish accessories or other gorgeous paper stuff. A lovely carpet and aroma candles can also bring in a cosy atmosphere in your home office. Just be careful whenever your children pass near the candles, because every time mine do, I find a mess on the carpet and I have to clean it up entirely.

5. Purchase home office supplies

office supplies

Getting some office desk items that you really adore is just as influential as completing off your outfit with that trendy diamond necklace or wonderful pair of earrings. So whenever you’ve spotted on a Lucite paper tray or imprinted pushpins, go on and satisfy the workplace hunger. Organising storage units not simply seems gorgeous, but will keep you organized, as well.

6. Create an inspiration board

office board

Rather than allowing unarranged paper sheets flutter around your workspace, get a motivational board for all the assets that generate inspiration in your mind. Thus, you might pin all sort of ideas and arrange them at one place. Nothing compares to seeing  all the details you’ve come into in front of the workspace.

How do you manage your workplace? Do you work at home or at an office? If you want to improve a healthy mindset department-wide, consider embedding a health & safety culture via expert consultancy.


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