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Being a Housewife Sucks


housewife12I’m not the cooking type of girl. It’s not that I hadn’t tried. I had a few times and it just hadn’t worked. I either overdo the meal or I leave it raw. When I cook even the simplest meal on earth I call my mom for instructions.

After one successful soap last week I decided to cook the dinner yesterday too. And do you know what – for the first time I realised how hard is actually tying to be a house wife. And now I’m going to tell you why.

After finishing work at 6 pm I went to the grocery store for the ingredients I needed. May be you are interested in what I wanted to cook? It’s a salad made by:

  •  one packet pasta
  • 250 gr tone
  • 150 gr olives
  • 250 gr cherry tomatoes.
  • 150 gr mayonnaise

It’s the easiest meal I could think of. You just have to boil the pasta and mix all the ingredients together.

Perfect housewifeOk, the recipe is easy, no doubt. But I spend 30 minutes in the grocery store. I couldn’t decide which napkins to take for about 10 minutes and the next 20 I spend waiting in a line to the cash desk.

After I finally made it home, there was an unpleasant surprise for me – the sink was full of dirty dishes, left by my roommates. I usually don’t wash their dishes. I just leave them an angry not to take care of them. (It works most of the time). But this time I had to wash the dishes by myself – there weren’t any clean left.

So, after spending 15 minutes doing that I was ready to start cooking the salad. It was 8 pm and I was starving. While I was waiting for the water to boil, I started cutting the other ingredients. While I was doing that I cut my finger. In this moment my husband came home and saw me almost crying. My finger wasn’t seriously hurt, but it was bleeding and I can’t stand blood. Ok, after another 10 minutes I was ok.

The water had boiled so I put the pasta in it. I decide that after a long day I deserve a glass of wine. Second surprise: I could find the corkscrew. I searched the whole kitchen – it just had disappeared! Ok, I settled down and knocked on my neighbour’s door to ask them to open my bottle of wine. Mission accomplished!

I finally pulled myself a glass of wine. Meanwhile the pasta was ready. I mixed it with the other ingredients and the dinner was ready. Viola! It looked nice, it smelled nice. This time I had made the perfect dinner (in just 2 hours haha).

housewifesAnd guess what happened next?! I started to pour the meal in dished an I incidentally spilled a big spoon of it on the floor. “Nooo”, I screamed. We had just bought a new beautiful carpet for the kitchen. And now there was this huge spot of mayonnaise salad on it. I stood in the middle of the room and just didn’t know what to do. After a few seconds I grab a rag and started cleaning the carpet. I scrubbed it hard, but this didn’t help a lot. In fact, I think it made it worst.

Here’s the time to tell you that I may not be good at cooking, but I’m a clean maniac. I use the vacuum cleaner almost every day, I never leave my dirty dishes in the sink (unlike my roommates), all of my clothes are where they should be – in the closet, not on the sofa… Now you understand why I was so upset about the rug.

I was really close to start crying. The carpet was brand new and I just stained it! I grab the fist domestic I found I continued scrubbing. It became better, but I still could see the nasty spot. Then my boyfriend, who tried to calm me down the whole time, just said “Why don’t you find a professional cleaning service here? There are companies which do exactly this – carpet cleaning?” It was the most simple, wise and useful advice I had ever received!

Do you know how the story ended? With happy end! Now my carpet is beautiful, clean and brand new again. The lesson for me was: Being a housewife sucks! But it’s good to know that you can just pay someone to do the cleaning for you!

I’ curious have you ever experienced something like this? Are you a good housewife? Fell free to share it in the comments below?



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