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How to Clean Oriental Carpet


oriental rug cleaning tips

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Oriental carpets are extremely beautiful, stylish and original. They come in different shapes and forms, patterns and colors. But what is also very common for these carpets is that have many versions as to the material they are made of. Oriental carpets can be manufactured from silk and wool, but also from mercerized cotton and synthetic rayon. In all cases, the maintenance of the oriental carpet is not an easy task and there are things you need to know in advance and learn afterward if you want to install such a carpet or already have it at home.

Basic rules in oriental carpet cleaning

Here are the main things you need to know about cleaning and refreshing your oriental rug carpet. Follow them and you will have no problems with the carpet maintenance:

  • There are things you need to consider before cleaning the oriental rug. First of all, the material type requires a special cleaning technique type. If the carpet is natural, avoid deep steam procedures. Rely on dry solutions. Also, the patterns and the colors are important, because if you apply bleach, they might be gone. Previous damage and the age of the rug are also important.
  • Do not use any harsh chemicals directly on the rug. 90% of the cases the oriental carpet gets wasted with them. Use natural cleaning solutions or ask for professional help from your local carpet cleaners.
  • Test the cleaning solutions you have prepared at home at the back side of the rug. Avoid incidents.
  • When you use commercial cleaners, read the labels and the instructions they come with to use them in a most practical and right way.

How to remove a stain out of an oriental carpet?

If a stain appears on the oriental carpet, you need to act immediately! We have said you that about all types of carpets, but the oriental rug will indeed damage if you leave the stain to get old. Use the following tricks for stain removal:

  • Pre­treat the carpet by vacuuming it gently. If you want to fully refresh the rug, sprinkle baking soda all over it in advance and vacuum it off later, in an hour. Ammonia is a great solution for disinfection and good bad odor remover.
  • Prepare a mixture of cold water, white vinegar, and lemon juice to remove organic stains of all types. Don`t combine bleach with borax and avoid alcohol – no matter what the stain is.
  • If you have the possibility, get the rug outside your home and beat it in the end. Dust is one of the worst enemies oriental rugs have, so make sure the tiny bacteria do not stick deeply into the fibers.
  • Ordinary water is the best cleaning remedy for the oriental rug. But when you use it, you need to dry the rug as soon as possible.
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