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How to Clean Milk Stains out of Your Carpet?


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Organic stains on a carpet are by all means not easy to be removed. When we make such spots at home we usually get pissed off that a new carpet will be needed. However, most of these stains are possible to be removed, so there is no need for you to spend money and give up from your favorite rug. Today, we will teach you how to deal with milk stains on your carpet!

The best tips against milk stain on a carpet

Here are the basics you need to know when it comes to a milk stain on your carpet:

  • Always act immediately once the stain is done. The faster you remove it, the more chances your carpet has to survive and be clean and fresh again!
  • Blotting of the fresh milk stain is a must. Do not blot with colorful clothes, because they can dissolve nuances, aka new stains to your carpet. Toilet paper for blotting is always the best idea. And the cheapest!
  • Dry detergents are recommended for delicate carpets like natural, hand-knotted, decorative, kilims and more!

What to do, when you see milk stains on the carpet?

Now, let us tell you the best tricks against milk stains on the carpet. Check them out now and find the one that suits you at most:

  • The first method we offer you includes ordinary lukewarm water and ammonia. You can prepare a paste and apply it directly on the stain. Another option you have is to apply the ammonia at first, wait for few minutes and then, rinse and sponge it with water.
  • Here is one more universal cleaner for carpet stains, including milk stains: prepare a remedy of one cup of water – with room temperature – few drops of your liquid dish washing soap and about 10 ml white vinegar. Use the mixture with a spray bottle and dry the area once the stain is gone!
  • Last, but not least, consider using fruits to remove the milk stain. Cut a lemon in half and use its juice to remove the stain. Rub gently and do not let the seeds to get deep inside the carpet.
  • If none of these methods work, you have a last chance to save your carpet – call the local cleaning company. They have more special and effective cleaning detergents. Some of them might work with you old and stubborn milk stain.

Milk stains on a carpet are not harsh to be removed, but as we have already mentioned it, the faster you do it, the better! This is why it is always a good idea to know how to deal with different types of stains in advance. So, once a spot is made, you can act at once!

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