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How to Clean Tea Stains out of Your Carpet?


tea stains cleaning and treatment

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It`s tea time! No, we are not calling the Queen and we are not trying a new recipe for homemade cookies made by Martha Stewart. It`s just time to remove the tea stains out of your carpet. We bet you have such – under the dining table or even in your bedroom because drinking a relaxing tea after work or before going to sleep is such a pleasure, isn`t it? But what about the stains? How to remove them! You will find out right away!

See how to deal with fresh tea stain on a carpet!

When it comes to stains, you know the main rule – remove it once it is done because later it will be either harder or impossible. So if you spill some tea, don`t hide ashamed, but remove it once you see it! Now, see the main approaches into doing so:

  • On mandatory, at first, blot the stain. Make it with normal toilet paper or some light cloth. It is preferable to use white cloth because there will be no new colorful spots from the fabric.
  • Try with fresh water at first. It might work with some types of tea – especially with herbal ones. If the tea is black, green or red, you need to continue with the next step.
  • Mix white vinegar with lukewarm water – 1:1. Use the remedy to sponge the tea stain on the carpet.
  • Dry finely and the spot must be out!

How to remove an old or dry tea stain out on a carpet?

It is not a big deal, either. Unlike many other organic carpet stains, tea is not so bad to be eliminated. The herbs it contains actually can work as helpful agents alongside with some of the following remedies we will use for the spots.

  • Find the ammonia at home and sprinkle a large amount of it on the affected area.
  • While you wait for the ammonia to get inside the fibers, get a clean cloth and damp it with water.
  • Start rubbing till the stain is gone. It should happen in few minutes only!
  • Vacuum off the entire carpet to fully refresh it!

Use club soda against any type of tea stains on a carpet

You might not believe, but club soda is the best drink you can use against spots – including stains on a carpet. It does work with tea, but it also works with other common drinks like hot chocolate and coffee. But today, we are talking about tea, so see how to get rid of tea stains on a carpet:

  • Pour 20-30 ml club soda directly on the stain. There is no need to pour the whole carpet surface to wait for it to dry for hours later.
  • Then, get a clean cloth and start blotting.
  • Eventually, in few minutes, you will see no stains anymore!
  • Finish with drying and use the hair dryer, if the vacuum cleaner is not powerful enough to do so!
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