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How to Clean Jelly Stains out of Your Carpet?


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Jelly! Sweet and tasty, suitable for so many dishes and desserts, isn`t it? And so nasty, when it spills right on your carpet! Such accidents are rare neither at home nor in the restaurant. And it does not matter what situation you are in, you need to get this jelly stain out of the carpet! If you are smart enough, you will at first try with some homemade remedies and maybe, then, if you are not lucky you might call the professional cleaners or consider a new rug.

What is the easiest way to remove jelly stain out of the carpet?

There is no easy and 100% certain method for this stain, but there is a remedy that might help in almost all cases – remove the stain once it is made! This is the best approach to minimize the chance of ruining your carpet forever. However, if you cannot see and blot it immediately, you might be very happy and enthusiastic to try these methods out:

  • Scrape off all the excess of the jelly! Make it gently with no sudden or harsh moves. It is all about removing the pieces you can actually touch.
  • Then, prepare the magical mixture with ordinary things: few drops lemon juice, a little bit of lukewarm water and baking soda. You need to have a paste. Apply it.
  • Get a sponge and use more water to remove the stain.

Here are some more tricks to remove the jelly stains out of the carpet!

Ok, sometimes, magic just doesn’t work. In this case, you can try one of these tricks to get rid of the jelly stains out of the carpet:

  • Use borax in all cases, if the stain is old and dried. Borax should be though mixed with ordinary water – better-distilled water and applied with a spray bottle to avoid mold creation on the carpet.
  • Try with commercial dry detergent. Always apply a little bit of it on the backside of the carpet to see, if the fabric can stand it.
  • Mix hair conditioner with essential oil to pre-treat the stain. Then, apply some white vinegar again and try to vacuum off all of the new excesses of the stain.

What should I do if nothing actually works against the jelly stains on the carpet?

There are some things you can do instead of blaming yourself or your kid to have done this nasty stain on your favorite or beloved carpet. Here is what else you can do:

  • Bleach is ok only in case of a white carpet. But if you have such, you got the Jackpot – the stain will be gone!
  • You can also call the carpet cleaners from your local town. They must have a remedy for your stain.
  • And after all, why not getting a new carpet? Maybe, this jelly stain is a sign that your interior and feet really needs it!

Try all of our tips and make sure you have done everything possible against the jelly stain on your carpet!

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