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How to Clean Mustard & Ketchup Stains out of Your Carpet?



ketchup & mustard cleaning tips

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Those food stains that are made on your carpet can be a real nightmare! But probably it is all our fault that we let them happen. Even though it is an accident, though, still, it is quite difficult to deal with them, right? Well, not anymore! Here is how you can deal with the most popular food stains made on your carpet – spots from mustard and ketchup.


Preliminary tips to know in advance before cleaning mustard or ketchup stain

Before giving you the exact instructions for each of these two common types of food s

tains, there are things you need to know in advance. Below, you will find tips to take under consideration – regardless you deal with ketchup or mustard stain:

  • The quicker you overcome the problem, the easier it will become. Don’t delay the cleaning job for anything in life. It might cost you a whole carpet
  • Don`t start cleaning the stain without pre-treating it. In most cases, you need to blot the liquid. If the stain is old, it dries. So in this case, you scrape off the excesses.
  • Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, it just doesn`t work. Here where the expert cleaners come to help you out!

Let`s start with ketchup! See how to deal with it!

Ketchup stains are delicate because they are colorful, easy to be seen and hard to be hidden. So you need to be very stubborn when it comes to cleaning it out of your carpet. The following procedure, though is quite effective:

  • Soak the ketchup stain with a homemade all-purpose stain remover. For carpets, it can be done only as a mixture of lukewarm or distilled water and liquid soap
  • Leave it like that for few seconds and start blotting
  • You can use some baking soda for a better effect in the end when the area is dried
  • Vacuum the ammonia off

This is how you can quickly remove mustard carpet stain

The bright colour and the ingredients of mustard turns the sudden accident on the carpet into a big issue. We, though, have the right technique for you and you can use it without even bothering for money or time. It’s cheap and fast to remove mustard carpet stain quite fast. Solve your problem like that:

  • You will need the following ingredients: hydrogen peroxide, liquid laundry detergent and 50 ml water. Make sure you create a paste.
  • Apply the paste on the spoiled area.
  • Dab gently with a sponge until the stain fades away
  • Rinse with cold water
  • Finally, dry the area properly. If you need to, use the vacuum cleaner

Follow our pieces of advice and forget about mustard or ketchup stains on your carpet. They can be gone quickly and super cheaply! Besides, why giving up from your favorite pizza sauce, when you have a solution to remove any stain from a carpet now?

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