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How to Clean Beer Stains Out of Your Carpet?


beer stain cleaning tips

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Beer is one of the most common drinks we do love drinking at home whether after work when having an occasion or just like that – to relax with the spouse or with friends. But no matter how tasty and sweet beer sometimes can be, there are many things it can cause to your interior design, as well. For instance – ruining your carpet. Ok, let`s not be that dramatic, because few beer stains on your carpet should not be reasons to argue with your husband. Why doing so, when there are so many great approaches into fast, cheap and natural beer stains removal out of a carpet? Want to end with the argues for the beer stains? Then, learn below…

Discover the easiest way to remove beer stains from a carpet! These are all the instructions you need to follow to get rid of the beer stains on a carpet. Execute each of the steps below properly and if you have to, try not a single, but all the cleaning methods we are about to show you:

  • Get a clean cloth to blot the beer stain
  • You can use only water to remove the beer stains from the carpet in case they were done few minutes ago. In this case, the water should be cold and the only cleaning tool you need in this case is sponge
  • If the beer stains are a little bit older, then you can use another trick to remove them. Mix a little bit of your favorite laundry detergent – only, if it is liquid and contains no chemicals or bleach – with water. The water is warm this time, but not hot. Get a brush for clothes and start washing the carpet. Don`t press, but blot gently.
  • And there is one more tip for beer stain removal: ordinary white vinegar. You can use it directly on the carpet if it is manufactured or synthetic. If you have a delicate carpet – natural or decorative – mix a little bit of white vinegar with a cup of warm water. Blot and sponge till the stain is gone!

Few additional things you need to know about beer stains on the carpet. We cannot leave you without telling you all the important things you need to know about beer stains on the carpet. Here are some other curious things to know that might be very helpful to you:

  • It is very important and recommended to remove the beer stain as soon as possible. Old stains are less likely to be eliminated – or at least not that fast
  • If you cannot get rid of such a stain, because it is very old, you still have
    a chance to keep your carpet. Try with professional cleaning services or hire steaming machine.
  • Another cleaning method to remove beer stains will require from you some time, so if you are patient enough, you can try it, too. You need to apply baking soda on the stain. Leave it like that for a night and vacuum it off the next morning.
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