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How to Have a Spotless Home


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Having a perfectly spotless home is more of a dream rather than a realistic thing to achieve, but still, having a nearly spotless home is quite a good achievement too.

Here are some ideas and tips on how to have a spotless home:

  • Do not postpone any cleaning tasks if you want to have a spotless home. If there is a spill or you notice a stain on your carpet, upholstery, floor or anywhere in your home, act immediately. Postponing this can lead to permanent staining and damage to the piece of furniture. The only possible exception to this immediate removal tip is for mud stains on the carpet or upholstery – let those dry off well first, and become crumbly and then you can cleanly vacuum them off without staining or smudging the mud all over.
  • Begin from the top and move to the bottom, start from the left and move to the right when cleaning. This means starting your cleaning from upstairs, or from the ceiling and lamps of a room and move your way from side to side and down until you reach the floor. It is logical, because of the gravity all dirt and dust which falls from above will fall down eventually.
  • Always to dry cleaning before you do the wet one. This means – first you dust and sweep and then you polish, buff or mop. This will reduce the chance of you smudging dirt and residue and have it clinging to the newly washed wet surfaces.
  • Start with the gentlest and less aggressive cleaning methods first, and only in case they don’t work, move to the more aggressive cleaning methods, detergents, tools, etc. Using just water for treating a spill is much less aggressive and much less likely to do damage to your carpet or upholstery than using bleach, for example.
  • Always let your cleaning solutions do their job before washing them away. First, spray or treat the item you are about to clean, then if you need to find some other cleaning task to do, and then come back and wipe, scrub or rinse it off.
  • Be careful with new and unknown cleaning solutions, and when cleaning a new surface or item in your home. Always test a small spot on a hidden place with the solution before you apply it to the whole thing.
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