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Property Maintenance Checklist for Landlords Before Tenant Moves in

When it comes to being a landlord, there are numerous obligations to juggle between, and property maintenance is one of them.

Although it would be great if you didn’t have to deal with any repairs or renovations, this simply isn’t the case, as things have their lifespan and are bound to break sooner or later.

In order to avoid getting complaints from your tenants and maintain a habitable property, be sure to check out these five property maintenance tips by Thomsons Cleaning Company:


Whether you’re renting out a place in London or renting a flat you own in an expensive city like Chicago far away in the U.S., before your tenant moves in, you have to make sure that everything is in good working condition.

Take some time to deep clean the property

Whether it’s the first time you’re renting your property or you’re dealing with tenant turnover, it’s your responsibility as a landlord to ensure everything looks spick and span before the new tenant moves in.

  • This is a necessary step that will help you identify any issues that need to be addressed and keep your property in tip-top shape.
  • Make sure to sanitize areas such as the bathtub, refrigerator, and kitchen counters.
  • Mop all floor surfaces until they are gleaming with perfection, and be sure to change the toilet seat and replace the shower curtain to make your bathroom look as good as new.
  • A little decluttering never hurt anyone, so take some time to sort through your things.
  • Sometimes, less is actually more, so consider cutting down on decor to give your rental property a more appealing, minimalistic look.

Can Thomsons Cleaning help you?

Consider the extensive know-how and experience of a real pro. Book our professional carpet cleaning, expert end of tenancy, proven oven valeting & kitchen wipe up, interior & exterior long-pole/high-reach window cleaning, thorough dry chem or hot steam upholstery cleaning or dedicated mattress dirt extraction.

Make Sure Everything is in Good Working Condition

Before your tenant moves in, you have to make sure that everything is in good working condition.

  • Go through a thorough inspection and check if all the utilities are working.
  • Clogged and running toilets, leaking faucets and broken appliances need to be fixed, so be sure to call qualified professionals to do the work and resolve the problems.
  • Inspect the property for heating and electricity issues. Outlets and overhead lights should be operational in every room, while the heating system should be of good quality and functioning effectively.
  • Pest control is another crucial aspect of maintaining a habitable rental property as the presence of rodents, bugs, and insects can disrupt your tenants and decrease the value of your property. Handling a pest infestation is a responsibility of a landlord, so consider hiring a pest control professional to take care of these unwanted guests and ensure your rental property is bug-free.
  • Clean up the dirtiest places in the property so the rental has a fresh and welcoming appeal.

Upgrade Kitchen and Bathroom for that WOW Factor

When preparing your rental property for a new tenant, you might want to book a professional handyman for smaller home improvement upgrades to boost its appeal.

Kitchens and bathrooms are the two parts of the house that return the most at resale, so if you ever decide to sell your property, you can get a fairly decent amount of return on the investment. No one wants to bathe in old, dated tubs and cook their food on kitchen appliances purchased decades ago. That’s why you should consider investing in a couple of elements that will help modernise your property.

A beautiful designer freestanding bath can make even the smallest of bathrooms look amazing – with its modern design, it’ll act as a bathroom centrepiece, adding a touch of elegance to your interior.

As for the kitchen, upgraded counters and modern appliances will make for an appealing cooking area. Not only will invest in these two rooms make your property more attractive, but it will also help boost your rental income. Make sure to have the oven valeted to perfection.

Paint the Walls and Refresh Carpets

After tackling the cleaning and decluttering, you want to make sure that everything looks good from top to bottom.

  • A fresh coat of wall paint may be just what you need to make the whole place look as good as now. Hire a handyman to help. While you can’t go wrong with white or tan, you can opt to move past the generic industry standard and go with lighter hues of blue. Browse through some articles about choosing an amazing paint colour for your rental property to ensure you get it just right.
  • Have in mind that you can’t assume the gender of your next tenant, so it’s best to keep your colour palette neutral.
  • Your carpets are another thing that needs to be tackled to ensure a pleasant and attractive interior.

A potential tenant won’t find anything appealing about those coffee stains or pet odours on the carpet. Therefore, depending on the severity of the stains, either have the rugs professionally cleaned or replace them with new ones. To handle pet odours can be a nightmare, especially removing stubborn cat smell yourself.

Update your Property via Effective Landscaping

The last thing on our property maintenance checklist has to do with landscaping.

A good landlord knows how important it is to keep the exterior of their rental property looking clean and cared-for. The exterior of your home is the first thing a prospective tenant will see, and if your property has a front yard, you need to make sure that everything looks its best.

Of course, it goes without saying that the lawn ought to be mowed, the porch should be swept, and your garden needs to be weed-free. If there are any flowerbeds, give them a healthy glow by spreading some mulch, and if you have any shrubs, make sure they are trimmed to ensure a manicured, well-maintained front yard.

Take Care of Risks with Good Landlord Insurance

Your property is an investment and getting a reliable provider for your property landlords’ insurance is essential, to say the least. What are the risks you might say?

Imagine if you lack full accidental damage cover for fire accidents (remember the great fire of London), lightning strikes, earthquake disasters, other explosions, violent storms, floods, leakage and escape of water, escape of oil, burglary or attempted theft, riots, other malicious damage, even terrorist attacks, collision by aircraft, animals or vehicles, falling trees, branches, lampposts and telegraph poles, breakage or collapse of tv aerials and the list goes on.

Don’t let luck rule your fate, that of your rental, and tenants.

Final Words

Maintaining a rental property is no easy task. However, by anticipating repairs and maintenance, you will make your job as a landlord much easier while also keeping your tenants happy.

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