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Best Way to Clean Your Apartment


fast apartment cleaning tips

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The best way to clean your apartment is to create a cleaning schedule and plan and follow it. This means, distributing the different cleaning tasks for different days of the week and month so that you don’t need to do the entire deep cleaning at once. This will require much less effort, and will make cleaning bearable.

Also, by scheduling the cleaning tasks for different days and hours, you will make sure that you don’t forget or miss that particular task, and that you don’t get too tired and hasty and perform a bad job while rushing to finish.

Follow a cleaning schedule

  • 1. You can choose one day a week in which you will thoroughly sweep and vacuum the entire apartment.
  • 2. Choose another day or time to do some thorough dusting and wiping off all surfaces, starting from the top of shelves, pictures, doors, and moving downwards, so that you don’t miss a dusty spot.
  • 3. Pick a day in the week when you will remove all beddings, pillow cases and towels and wash them, replacing them with clean ones. Change bed linen once a week to keep the dust levels in your bedroom and mattress under control. Change towels even more often so that you avoid the spreading of nasty germs and accumulation of mildew.
  • 4. Choose a day or time to clean all of the remote controls, door knobs, light switches, joysticks, and handles of drawers, cupboards as well as everything which is being touched by everybody on a daily basis.
  • 5. Pick a day for kitchen cleaning, which will include checking for expired foods and disposing of it, cleaning all surfaces, cleaning the appliances, such as the microwave, oven fridge and others. You should perform a deep cleaning of the appliances and cupboards inside and out, but this can be done once in several months.
  • 6. Plan your bathroom cleaning for another day. Clean and disinfect the sink, bathtub, toilet, any shelves, shower cabins, walls and the floor.

According to Darwin Broker, in time, you will be able to customize your cleaning schedule, so that it suits your time schedule, your personal preferences and needs. Soon, you won’t even have to check which task is next, this cleaning schedule will become part of your everyday life and an inseparable part of errands which you perform on a daily basis.

In the meantime, you can keep your apartment as clean as possible by taking care of any spills, stains and other dirt accumulation immediately. Also, you can limit the amount of dirt and other nasty residues which enter your apartment by limiting the entry with shoes from outdoors.

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