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Great Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts


Father's-day-frameLadies, I want you to think about the man you love most. Your boyfriend or husband, your brother, your best friend, your father. Yes, the father is one of most important people in your life. No matter if we’re a grown woman, we always remain daddy’s little girls.

There’s a special day to celebrate the love to our dads – Father’s day. In the United Kingdom it’s held on the 3rd Sunday of June, this year it is on the 15h of June.

The idea of having a special day to celebrate the fathership comes from the United States, where Father’s day is celebrated since 1910. A woman called Sonora Smart Dodd said “We celebrate Mother’s day, why don’t we have a special day to honor the fathers?”

On Sunday people are going to spend the day with their fathers. The family gets together and have dinner or lunch. Some go on a road trip or make a picnic, others play football or golf.

Like any other holiday, on Father’s day there are presents too. The most common are ties, sweaters, notebooks, etc. But I have some better ideas for last minute Father’s day gifts ideas. There are only a few days left.



The best accessory a man can wear is a watch. And, it’s one of the most common present for any occasion – birthday, anniversary, Father’s day … But why don’t you try something a bit different this time. Buy a smartwatch for your fathers. It’s nice and practical because it’s not only a watch. You can connect it with your smartphone and receive your calls on it, you can check your mail or social media accounts too. It’s a wonderful present for busy dads. My personal favourite is Sony’s smartwatch.



If your dad loves reading, a Kindle is the best present you could give him. It’s like giving him with thousands of books at once. It’s small so he can read wherever and whenever he wants – in the subway, at lunch break, in the park.



If your father loves to take pictures, camera will be the best gift ever. If he’s not so keen on photography and he has a lot of free time, perhaps it’s time for a new hobby. And, what’s better than taking pictures that capture memories.


Fishing tool 

If your dad is keen on fishing, he will love this gift. I’m not sure how exactly it works, but it makes catching fishing easier. So, if you go to fishing together, you will have more time to drink beers and chat.


Budget friendly gifts

Board games

If you’re looking for a budget friendly gift, why don’t you get your dad a board game – Chess, Scrubble, Monopoly or any other he might like. You can play it together and make this a family tradition. We all know that time spent with the family is the best gift ever.


DVD or Blue ray 

What’s your father’s favourite movie or music band? Why don’t you buy it for him on DVD or Blue ray? Many movies and music albums have special editions. They are packed nicely and are great low cost presents.



I’m not talking about a regular mug. You can write something on it that only the two of you will understand. You can even write it on your own, with a pen. What will make the present sentimental. Every time your dad drinks his coffee from the mug, he will think of you.


My personal number one gift: a vacation

As I said, time spent together is the best gift. I know you’re busy working hard, but why don’t you spend this weekend with your dad. Reserve a vacation just for the two of you. Go somewhere you’ve always wanted to go together. This weekend will be the best gift that your dad will always remember.


Do you have any other great ideas for Father’s day? Don’t be selfish – share them with us!

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