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June 16, 2016
by Bethany Thomson

Best Way to Clean Your Apartment

fast apartment cleaning tips

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The best way to clean your apartment is to create a cleaning schedule and plan and follow it. This means, distributing the different cleaning tasks for different days of the week and month so that you don’t need to do the entire deep cleaning at once. This will require much less effort, and will make cleaning bearable. Continue Reading →

June 15, 2016
by Bethany Thomson

How to Clean Kilim Carpet?

unique kilim cleaning treatment

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Kilim is a special type of a carpet we usually know from Eastern Europe and Asia. It is known as a hand-made decorative rug with a beautiful look and amazing warm surface. In most cases, a kilim carpet is made of natural materials and fibers. This makes it even more beautiful, but also more difficult to be maintained. Continue Reading →

June 14, 2016
by Bethany Thomson

How to Clean a Wool Carpet?

wool rug cleaning tips

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Everyone, who is choosing a carpet would prefer to get a 100% natural wool carpet. Such a choice is so logical and normal. This is the best carpet when it comes to heating and the most wonderful item when you want to achieve a stylish original and what is more important, luxurious, interior design. Continue Reading →

June 8, 2016
by Bethany Thomson

How to Clean Tobacco Stains out of Your Carpet?

tobacco ash cleaning

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Quitting the cigarettes is the best way to prevent ash, tobacco and nicotine stains on your carpet, but we all know how harsh this habit is. While you are considering how good your health will become with no nicotine, you could know the easiest alternatives for tobacco stain removal. Continue Reading →

June 3, 2016
by Bethany Thomson

How to Clean Your Carpet with Windex?

windex cleaning detergent

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Apart from being an excellent window and mirror cleaner, Windex can be quite efficient for removing stains from carpets. It can help avoid staining even with difficult spills, such as pet urine or blood. Continue Reading →