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What Method of Carpet Cleaning Is Best?

what-is-best-carpet-cleaning-methodHomeowners choose to clean their carpets so they can maintain their colour, soft feel and get rid of dirt, mildew, dust and allergens. Cleaning carpets will keep your home or business looking clean, but it will also make the environment safer with cleaner air. 

There are lots of reasons to clean your carpets, but not everyone knows which carpet cleaning method is best. Here we discuss the four leading options and help you choose the right one for your carpets. Big thanks to carpet cleaning experts Thomsons Carpet Cleaning who have assisted with compiling some of the information.

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Which Carpet Cleaning Method Is Best?

There are currently four methods of cleaning carpets that are most commonly used. All of these methods have their merit and can be used to improve the cleanliness of your carpet, but some are better than others.

1. Steam Cleaning Your Carpets

One of the first options to come to mind is steam carpet cleaning often referred to as hot water extraction cleaning. This is when hot steam is created to loosen dirt that is on the carpet fibres. It is rather effective at removing ground-in dirt, but the more thorough method known as hot water extraction cleaning guarantees over 90% of dirt and germs removed.

What is important to remember about steam carpet cleaning is that the steam loosens the dirt but does not remove it. Removing the loosened dirt and dust requires hoovering (after the carpet has dried) or wiping it down. Wiping dirt out of a carpet is not very effective because of the soft fibres.

For this reason, steam cleaning is much more effective on hard surfaces where loosened dirt can easily be identified and removed, commented our colleagues at Vale Carpet Cleaning.

2. Dry Cleaning Your Carpets

Dry cleaning your carpet is achieved by sprinkling a special carpet cleaning powder evenly over the carpet. This powder absorbs nearby dust and dirt, and after 10-20 minutes of absorbing, it can be hoovered away – and the dirt with it.

Dry carpet cleaning is one of the best methods. If you are asking which carpet cleaning method is best and own coit or jute flooring, dry cleaning with these special powders is your answer. This is because these floor types can become severely damaged with any type of liquid cleaners.

3. Shampooing Your Carpets

Shampoo cleaning carpets is another option but should only be done by a team of professionals because they use the most effective machines. The drawback to shampooing carpets is that most machines use rotatory bristles. This circular motion is known to damage carpet fibres. Thus, shampooing your carpets may make them clean, but the condition of the carpet could be compromised within the process.

4. Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

Hot water extraction is the process of using high-pressure water and cleaning solutions on the carpet and then repeating the process. The pressured water and cleaning fluid loosen even the toughest dirt and stains, far more thoroughly than the likes of steam cleaning.

Once the dirt is loosened, it is hoovered up, leaving the carpet immaculately clean. An additional benefit of hot water extraction carpet cleaning is that it leaves no residue. This can often be a problem when opting for shampoo carpet cleaning.  This same method is excellent for cleaning fabrics and furnishing, such as sofa and mattress cleaning, commented a Cardiff upholstery cleaning expert.

The Final Verdict…

So, which carpet cleaning method is the best?

The thoroughness and effectiveness of hot water extraction cleaning trump the rest. If you want the best possible results and a noticeably cleaner carpet, this is the method you should choose. However, there is one exception.

If you own coit, jute or seagrass flooring, you should not use any fluids or steam to clean your carpets. If you do apply moisture, the fibres of the carpet can become damaged and the aesthetic or feel of the carpet ruined. In these situations, bypass all options except the best carpet cleaning powders.

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Common Carpet Cleaning Questions

Carpet cleaning results in more questions than which carpet cleaning method is the best.

Here are some common questions that homeowners ask:

How Often Should You Clean Your Carpets?

The average household should aim to have their carpets deep cleaned at least once per year. Some households may need to have them professionally cleaned more often, such as homes with children or pets. Some businesses may need them cleaned more often as well, especially hotels and stores with high footfall.

Is Carpet Cleaning Safe for Pets?

Most of the ingredients in carpet cleaning formulas are safe around pets. Most manufacturers will advertise that the contents of their products are safe around pets. If you are using professional services, always ask them directly about their products.

Why Do My Carpets Look Worse after Cleaning?

On some occasions, carpets can look dirtier after cleaning them.

The most common reason for this is that deep-lying tough dirt has combined with too much water or cleaning fluid. Saturating the carpet in places where significant dirt exists can cause discolouration and make dirty marks more noticeable.

Is Steam Cleaning Bad for Carpets?

When steam cleaning is done correctly, it will not harm your carpets.

However, steam cleaning does leave your carpets moderately wet, which could lead to mildew and mould if they are not dried out properly. If this does happen, your indoor air quality could worsen through steam cleaning your carpets.

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